Analysis of the current climate and the climate from last centuries

The study of climate must be based on reliable sources, with the priority being the creation of refined and homogeneous databases. In this sense, the group works from two approaches, one related to traditional databases, referred to instrumental observatories, and the other, more recent, in high resolution grid formats with which to develop accurate spatial analysis in GIS environments. Both lines work monthly and daily data, essential to identify, evaluate and analyze extreme events. Of special interest are also recent trends in temperatures and droughts, always from a double spatial and temporal perspective. Their study is approached from the instrumental data. But its temporary length, of not more than 100 years, makes it insufficient to evaluate the possible exceptionality of the current climate. That is why the group uses other climate proxies such as dendroclimatology, based on the study of tree rings, and historical climatology, which analyzes documents on rogatives pro-pluvia or others that can report on past climatic events, arranging the group at present for both fields of the most complete database in Spain and one of the best at an international level